About Me

I’m Liz, and I started Lifegoats so I could write about a range of topics centered around pursuing unconventional dreams. One big dream of mine is to raise goats – hence, Lifegoats! It’s really that simple.

I enjoy writing about the things that call us to wake up, take chances, and live well today. When you find whatever it is that lights you up inside – whether it’s fantastical or beautifully, perfectly ordinary – you can’t help but pursue it.

Here is where I share things I’ve learned, crazy dreams I’m making come true, and the many (many, many) mistakes I’ve made along the way. I hope you’ll find some of it helpful, or reassuring, or challenging. It will likely evolve along the way, and I’m glad we can walk together for a little bit of our journey. There are so many adventures and surprises in store, and I’m incredibly excited to begin sharing them with you!